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Krill oil promotes weight loss


The benefits of krill oil have been established already. This shrimp like creature has proven to heal many problems. There are thousands of people who want to know if krill oil has the potential to aid weight loss.  The high content of Omega 3 fats can help you lose weight. This has been confirmed in recent studies. Here are the details that make it advantageous for weight loss:

  • According to the research conducted by Journal of Nutrition Krill oil has been effective in combating conditions like increased fat levels in heart and liver. Overweight people are most vulnerable to the above mentioned conditions.
  • It was evident from the study rats that were administered krill oil lessened their heart fat levels by 42%.
  • The liver fat levels were subsequently decreased to a whopping 60% post krill oil administration.
  • It is believed one of the salient reason leading to weight gain is the less intake of Omega 3 in our daily diet. Consequently Omega 3 deficiency slows down the metabolic rate as a result fats get stored in the body.
  • High quality krill oil can overcome the deficiency effectively. This will promote the metabolism to burn calories.

If you search online you will find thousands of testimonials where people have narrated how krill oil has aided them in promoting quick weight loss. Additionally regular intake of krill oil is going to keep you in an optimum shape. You will be rejuvenated and you will get the  spree to engage in activities that aids in  losing weight.